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Cost of flying G-FOZZ a Beech Bonanza A36

G-FOZZ is not available for hire. It is run as a members only group with a very limited membership.  The membership fees are £200 per month including VAT. In addition for each hour flown you incur a cost for the fuel used plus a charge of £45 per hour.

If you wish to become a member of the GoToAir membership scheme please email or call us to discuss it.

Remember: Bonanzas may sound a little more expensive to hire but then they go much faster than your average club aircraft and therefore often (usually) work out less costly per mile. At standard cruise which we expect you to fly at you can expect around 160 knots IAS so it will get you and up to 5 passengers (weight and balance considered of course) to your destination faster than any other self hire plane around. Having said that cost is not the issue here. Put simply the choice is between 35 year old workhorses that have been bounced around the circuit and a privately owned $500,000 aircraft rented to just a limited few and that flying magazine editors rarely get the chance to fly, there is no comparison. Once you have felt the solid controls of a Bonanza A-36 you will never want to fly a Piper or Cessna again.
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