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What pilots are qualified to fly our Beech Bonanza A36 Model

A36 Beech Bonanza G-FOZZ can be flown by anyone with a UK/JAA PPL. You will need to have flown an absolute minimum of 150 hours and have an IMC or Instrument rating. As an alternative you may be a high hours VFR pilot or perhaps hold a Multi Engine rating. We prefer pilots who have taken their IMC rating though and of course as the Bonanza is designed for serious touring, this rating is pretty essential.

Typically you are going to need to be a fairly experienced pilot as things happen quite fast in a Beech Bonanza. Recently I heard an air traffic control saying "un-identified twin traffic approaching the field very fast". This was me 15 miles out approaching the airfield and struggling to get my call in with a 20 knot tailwind giving me a 195 knot ground speed. (Incidentally you can drop the gear and 1st stage of flap at about 156 knot (ias) to slow down.

The A36 Bonanza is however fantastic at flattering your pilot skills. You wont believe how good your landings have become after landing a "A36". I found it significantly easier to regularly land the A36 smoothly than any other plane I had flown before. You will no doubt find that too. As with everything else Bonanza it happens a bit faster but a lot better. Unlike my previous Cessna 182 which was an excellent aeroplane too, the Bonanza A36 lands very flat with no obvious high nose flare. To me it feels much more like a bigger plane.

We would expect that you would have (depending on experience) a few hours of acclimatisation with one of its regular pilots before being free to hire the A36 Bonanza whenever you like. Availability is usually excellent as we only rent it to a limited number of discerning pilots. Bookings are made entirely through Go To Air online bookings and accounting system.

You are more than welcome to take the Bonanza away for the night/weekend/week also. Just check it is not being used and as long as your trip combines an average of at least 1 hour a day of flying time then there will be no overnight charge. For further information just call us or email us.

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